Land Use Evolution & Impact Assessment Model (LEAM)

LEAM is a process of modeling, visualization, and testing the impacts of land-use policy decisions. Through dynamic spatial modeling and Web-based interface, LEAM simulates land-use change across space and time, providing a basis for discussion and decision-making in planning.

Regional Economics Applications Laboratory (REAL)

REAL provides timely, high quality analytical economic information for a variety of uses such as public policy decision making by public sector agencies and for strategic marketing in the private sector. REAL's capabilities revolve around comprehensive state and metropolitan models that integrate econometric and input-output analysis to provide for both impact and forecasting analyses

Regional Economics and Public Policy Research Group (REAP)

The forces influencing regional prosperity are still poorly understood, and the effects of many public policies on regional economies remain unclear. The REAP Research Group addresses those gaps through a strategic program of research on regional development, policy evaluation methods, enriched data systems, institutional practices, and policy implementation.