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Reviews praise Hopkins' & Zapata's Engaging the Future

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Engaging the Future: Forecasts, Scenarios, Plans, and Projects, edited by DURP Emeritus Professor Lewis D. Hopkins and DURP doctoral student Marisa Zapata (2007, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy), is drawing excellent reviews.

  • "...the book doesn’t just talk about practice in abstract terms, it provides a pathway to actual practice, something seen all too infrequently. In short, for planners looking for ideas about making their practice more effective, particularly as it relates to engaging the future, there is lots to glean from the book...

    ...readers should know that this is an exquisitely edited volume. I have never seen an edited collection like it that has been put together with such care. The authors have set a new standard for edited volumes by integrating the chapters with each other, presenting common themes—even the graphic design—from start to finish. There is a very useful glossary, itself a vehicle for integrating the various contributions."--Ethan Seltzer, Nohad A. Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University, in Journal of Regional Science 48 (5): 1008-1010.

  • "[The] broad message of the book--to accept uncertainty and embrace participatory approaches--resonates with contemporary attitudes across other areas of environmental science and management.

  • "...Engaging the Futurewill be most useful for, or have most impact upon, students and junior planners. Given the emphasis of the book on wider participation in the planning process it should be read by more than just planners and students however. Well-produced with uncomplicated language, useful figures, and a glossary of planning terms, this book will be accessible and valuable both to the policy makers calling upon the services of planners and to the citizens and stakeholders who will be influenced by the outcomes of their actions."--James D A Millington, Centre for Systems Integration and Sustainability, Michigan State University, in Environment and Planning A 39: 2797-2798.

  • "For anyone with a planning background who wishes to explore some of the ways in which scenarios can be applied to land-use planning without needing to consult the original literature, Engaging the future can provide a useful introduction. It is based mostly within a US context and most of the examples deal with urban expansion into open land, but the questions it raises about planning for the future are of wider relevance and if, as one of the authors contends, the essential task of planning is to build a bridge from present individualism to community future, considering those questions can make a useful contribution."--Graham May, Futures Skills, in Journal of Environmental Planning and Management 51 (2) 320-321.

  • "Engaging the Future spans silos; it has value for many audiences. Every practicing planner helping to chart the physical or social future of a neighborhood, community, or region should consult this book to clarify what they are doing and why. Every planning student studying quantitative and qualitative planning methods and planning theory should sit down with this book to learn how these narrowly circumscribed subjects can be integrated into a broader and more exciting model of community engagement. Perhaps the best audience for this book is planning researchers like me who toil for months in front of their computer screens hoping to produce the perfect planning projection, forecasting, or scenario model."--John Landis, Crossways Professor of City and Regional Planning, University of Pennsylvania, in Journal of Planning Education and Research 27: 369-370.
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