NEURUS Program 2010/2011

NEURUS is an international consortium of universities dedicated to the collaborative study of urban and regional development issues. The acronym derives from the consortium's original title when first established in 1998: the Network for European and U.S. Regional and Urban Studies consisted of six universities, three in Europe and three in the United States. Today, the thirteen university NEURUS consortium is continuing to explore partnerships with universities and colleagues elsewhere in North America, Asia, and Latin America. It is no longer a network comprised only of institutions in Europe and the United States.

A centerpiece of the consortium is the NEURUS Fellows program, a framework of agreements and supportive environments designed to give students and scholars flexible opportunities to enhance their study of urban and regional issues from comparative perspectives. University of Illinois graduate students interested in conducting independent research and study projects at a consortium institution in Europe or Korea in Fall 2010 are encouraged to apply.

Issues and topics pursued by NEURUS Fellows, though wide ranging, share a common theme: a focus on forces and trends affecting cities and regions in an increasingly global economy. NEURUS invites participation from students in a variety of disiplines including--but not limited to--business admininstration, public policy, city planning, geography, sociology, economics, and political science. Examples of student papers are available here.

AY 2010/2011 Fellowships Available

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning is able to provide 2-3 fellowships for participation in the NEURUS Exchange Fellows program in AY 2010/2011 (the fellowship applies to Fall 2010 study abroad). Students interested in applying for participation in NEURUS, and consideration for a fellowship, should contact Professor Edward Feser. A more detailed program announcement for Illinois students with application details is available here.