Bachelor of Arts in Urban Planning

Bronze Tablet

Bronze Tablet, or University Honors, are conferred to graduating seniors in the spring semester. Bronze Tablet honors the top 3% of graduates from each college. These students receive special recognition and regalia at graduation ceremonies, and their names are inscribed on the tablets in the first-floor corridors of the University Library.

Across the entire University, approximately 6,680 undergraduates were in the graduating class of 2013. Our relatively small program graduated 36 students of the 6,680. To put Bronze Tablet into context, about 200 students across campus are recognized with the university's top honor. In our BAUP class of 36 students, we had 2 Bronze Tablet scholars.

Congratulations to Emily Blumenthal and Jizhe Yang!

2013 Bronze Tablet / University Honors in Urban Planning:

  • Emily Blumenthal
  • Jizhe Yang