PhD in Regional Planning


An ideal candidate for a highly sought-after position in academia must demonstrate research imagination, scholarly, creativity, the ability to plan, conduct, and present research, and the ability to teach effectively. A top candidate for a coveted research position must demonstrate intellectual curiosity and creativity and ability to formulate a research plan, draw inferences, and make strategic decisions from those inferences. There are no specific indicators of these abilities, but a number of accomplishments are suggestive and can help you judge your progress:

  • Academic performance well above the minimum required performance (see Program's Requirements Summary and Probation Policy);

  • Completion of additional courses that help acquire more research tools, competency in a second specialization, or greater depth of understanding;

  • Active participation in seminars and workshops as discussant and presenter;

  • Teaching experience and training in programs such as the campus Graduate Teacher Certificate program;

  • Expeditious completion of the requirements for the degree (see timing);

  • Submission and publication of papers in refereed journals and books;

  • Preparation, alone or in conjunction with a member of the faculty, of a proposal for research support;

  • Presentation of research results in workshops, seminars, and regional, national, and international meetings;

  • Work experience in appropriate organizations;

  • External or campus recognition, such as teaching excellence, external fellowships, best paper or presentation awards, and outstanding thesis or dissertation prizes.