UP503 - Site and Physical Planning
Course Materials

4: Making Planning Maps with GIS

Map 1
In this assignment, you will create an 8.5" x 11" map of Champaign County using GIS data. The previous tutorial presentation points you to sources of GIS data in Illinois. From the online schedule, download the following data for Champaign County: county boundary, municipal boundaries, and roads. Using the ArcGIS "Attribute Query" feature and Adobe Illustrator, create a map of the county that shows the county boundary, municipal areas, Interstate and state highways (other roads should be faded out so that they don't dominate the map). With this basic map in place, annotate it with graphics showing key growth areas in the county: Champaign (to the north, west, and south), Urbana (to the east), and Mohamet (to the east and west). The areas of growth depicted on the map are meant to provide a general illustration, not a percise measurement. With the map, include a title block, a north arrow, author name, source, and a graphic scale.

Map 2
By using ArcGIS and Illustrator together, you can symbolize attribute data on your map. For this map you will display the population of each of the municipalities and relate it to each municipality's distance from critical roads. GIS features such as 'attribute query' and 'data symbology' may be used along with other features that you have been using/ choose to use. The map should be accompanied with a memo describing the relationship between population and distance from interstates, state highways, railroads or other roads you deem crucial. Any peculiar findings should also be taken note of. You should also comment on the inter-relationship between the different municipalities and how that may affect the population figures.

We will discuss your work in the next lab session. Put your solution in a single pdf document in memo format addressed to the Dustin. Use the class assignment naming convention assign#_lastname.pdf (eg. 4_allred.pdf). Place the file in the course assignment dropoff folder (\\Urban-server2\urban-courses\UP503\_Assignment Drop Box) by the start of class on Th, 19 Sept.