Department of Urban and Regional Planning   
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign   

UP 503: Site and Physical Planning

Assignment 5c - Green Infrastructure

In this assignment, we will focus on identifying potential green infrastructure resoursces in the Champaign County region, and discuss approaches to valuing the ecological services they provide. For this assignment:

  • Review the regional information
    1. Focus on the big picture
      • land cover data (key habitat areas)
      • stream networks (watersheds and the movement of water)
      • urbanized areas and the built environment
      • slope
      • soil types
      • etc.
  • Assess the region for potential green infrastructure connections
    1. Identify regional hubs (a hierarchy of hubs?)
    2. Identify connecting corridors that help mitigate the effects of habitat fragmentation (hierarchical?)
  • Research and discuss the potential value of the green infrastructure elements identified in your solution
    1. Describe how you determined the value
      • what are the charactersitics and ecological services being valued?
      • what tool or methodology did you use to calculate it?

Based on the open spaces, streams etc. that make up your network's hubs and links, analyze how your proposed green infrastructure network acts as a potential constraint on the suitability of land in the County for development. For example you might locate areas critical to the green infrastructure of the region and delineate them as not suitable for development because of their value. Be creative in your approach to identyfying connections between regional hubs and discuss any assumptions you make regarding the feasibility of your plan. Use the relevant shapefiles provided to identify the hubs and connections.

Make a map or maps to explain your ideas - label and annotate the map(s) accordingly. The accompanying memo should explain your analysis (data, assumptions, methodology...) and your recommendations (why these areas are important, what ecological, economic, or social value they have) regarding the creation of the green infrastructure network.

Submit your solution in memo format as a single PDF file formatted as 5c_[Last Name].pdf in the assignment dropbox before start of next lab on Oct 10.

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