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UP 205: Ecology and Its Applications - Spring 2011

Course Schedule

The text is Colin R. Townsend, John L. Harper and Michael Begon, Essentials of Ecology, 3nd ed. (Blackwell Science, 2008).

Additional readings for the discussion sessions are available from Notes-n-Quotes, 501 E. John St.,Champaign.






19-Jan Introduction to Ecology and Planning: The Ayuquila River Chapter 1
21-Jan Discussion: Invading species Cane Toads (video)
24-Jan   Physical Environment and Niche I Invading Species  

Chapter 3

26-Jan   Physical Environment and Niche II Climate Change  

Chapter 2.5, 4.2, 13.4

28-Jan   Discussion: Cougar attacks--identifying ecological principles  

Discussion Reader Week 2

31-Jan   Natural Selection I Pesticide Resistance   Chapter 2
2-Feb   Natural Selection II Pesticide Resistance   Chapter 12.5
4-Feb   Discussion: How to read a scientific article  

Discussion Reader Week 3

7-Feb   Population Growth I   Chapter 5
9-Feb   Population Growth II   Chapter 5 (cont.)
11-Feb   Discussion: researching scientific information   Library Trip
14-Feb   Life Histories   Chapter 5.6
16-Feb   Interspecific competition   Chapter 6
18-Feb   Discussion: Work on group projects    
21-Feb   Predation and Pest Control   Chapter 8
23-Feb   Predation and Pest Control II   Chapter 9.2
25-Feb   Discussion: Group I -- The Asian long-horned beetle   Discussion Reader Week 6
28-Feb   Population Regulation I   Chapter 9.3
2-Mar   Population Regulation II Fishing and the collapse of cod populations   Chapter 12.3
4-Mar   Discussion: Fishing, tourism and Native American Rights   Discussion Reader Week 7
7-Mar   Review for 1st Exam    
9-Mar   1st exam (covers material up to and including March 4)    
11-Mar   Discussion: Group II – People and elephants in African National Parks   Discussion Reader Week 8
14-Mar   Succession   Chapter 9.4
16-Mar   Disturbance and the Yellowstone Fires   Chapter 10.4.2
18-Mar   Discussion: No Discussion Section--Work on group projects
Paper proposal due
19 Mar   Spring Break    
28-Mar   Causes of Diversity   Chapter 10
30-Mar   Ecosystems--Primary Productivity   Chapter 11
1-Apr   Discussion: Southern California Fires   Discussion Reader Week 10
4-Apr   Ecosystems--Secondary Productivity   Chapter 11
6-Apr   Food Webs   Chapter 9.5
8-Apr   Discussion: Group III -- Deer Control in Suburban Areas   Discussion Reader Week 11
11-Apr   Alternate Stable States   Box 9.5
13-Apr   Agroecology   Chapter 12.4, 13.3
15-Apr   Discussion: Lyme disease, ecology and public health   Discussion Reader Week 12
18-Apr   Lakes   Chapter 4.5, 13.2
29-Apr   TBA    
22-Apr   Discussion: Group IV -- Sewage and ecosystem services   Discussion Reader Week 13
25-Apr   Landscape Ecology   Chapter 10.5.1
27-Apr   Urban Ecology    
29-Apr   Discussion: Endangered species in urban/suburban environments
Paper due in Discussion Section
  Discussion Reader Week 14
2-May   Review for 2nd Exam   Chapter 14.4
4-May   2nd exam (covers material from March 11 to April 29)    

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