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UP 446: Sustainable Planning Seminar - Spring 2014

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Course Introduction
  Review syllabus, introductions
   Climate and Sustainaibility Discussion
      Define sustainability - its implications.
      Define sustainability in terms of climate.
  Setting up your Blog

Discussion Leader Assignments

23-Jan   Sustainability and Climate
  • Lester and Hart - (Part 1)
    Richard K Lester and David M Hart. 2012. Unclocking Energy Innovation. Richard K Lester and David M Hart. MIT Press, Cambridge, AM.
28-Jan   The Climate Dilemma
  • Orr (various chapters)
    Orr, David. 2011. Hope is an Imparative. Island Press. Washington
 David Orr Interview

Climate Science
 • IPCC - 07 Summary for Policymakers

Climate Change - Causes and Effects


The Morality of Climate Change
  • Kathleen Dean Moore Interview
   DeMocker, M. 2012. If Your House Is On Fire: Kathleen Dean Moore On The Moral Urgency Of Climate Change. The Sun.Dec 2012 I:444

Additional readings article 1, article 2, article 3


Climate Science and Politics
  • White House Pressure
  • White House Response?   
  • The Need for a Climate Bill
  • A. Gore 09 Climate Update
  • Tea Party and Climate?

Assigned: Position Paper #1

11-Feb   Environment: Energy and Climate
    •  David MacKay  Part1
       David MacKay. 2008. Sustanable Energy - without the hot air.
13-Feb   Environment: Energy and Climate
    •   David MacKay  Part 2
18-Feb   Environment: Energy Production and Consumption
    •   Scientific American Articles 2006
 W VA Coal Videos - Link I, and Link II
Due: Position Paper #1

Environment: Energy Production and Consumption cont.

In class video: Gasland

25-Feb   Environment: Land Use
      •   James Kunstler (Part 1)
          James Howard Kunstler. 1993. The Geography of Nowhwere.
          Kunstler video 1, video 2,
      •   David Brooks
          Brooks, David. 2010. "The Broken Society" The New York Times.03.19.2010
27-Feb   Environment: Land Use
      •   James Kunstler (Part 2)
          James Howard Kunstler. 1993. The Geography of Nowhwere.

Environment: Water and Climate
      •   Brown Ch 3,4 (Skim)
      •   Vanderwarker
             Amy Vanderwarker. 2006. Water, Environmental Justice and Land Use Planning: Richmond, California. Progressive Planning Magazine. 169: Fall. pp. 26-29.
             Peter H. Gleick. 1998. Water in Crisis: Paths to Sustainable Water Use. Ecological Applications, Vol. 8, No. 3. pp. 571-579.
      •   Jackson, et al
             Robert B. Jackson; Stephen R. Carpenter; Clifford N. Dahm; Diane M. McKnight; Robert J. Naiman; Sandra L. Postel; Steven W. Running. 2001. Water in a Changing World. Ecological Applications, Vol. 11, No. 4. pp. 1027-1045.

Assigned: Consumption Journals; Supplementary materials: Energy Use Intensity information


Environment: Ecology
       •  McHarg Ch 1 Man and Environment
          McHarg, Ian. 2006. The Essential Ian McHarg. F.R. Stiener, ed. Island Press, Washington.
       •  McHarg Ch 2 The Place of Nature
       •  McHarg Ch 3 Ecological Determinism

In class watch: The Lorax


Ecology and Economics: Theory
  •  Herman Daly
     Herman Daly. 1996.  Beyond Growth: The Economics of Sustainable Development.  Beacon Press, Boston.
  •  Costanza
     Robert Costanza, Ralph d'Arge, Rudolf de Groot, Stephen Farberll, Monica Grassot, Bruce Hannon, Karin Limburg, Shahid Naeem, Robert V. O'Neilltt, Jose Paruelo, Robert G. Raskin, Paul Suttonlill, Marjan van den Belt. 1997. The value of the world's ecosystem services and natural capital. Nature. V 387 15 May 1997
     Ecosystem Services
     The Natural Capital Project
  •  Wackernagel
     Mathis Wackernagel, Larry Onisto, Patricia Bello, Alejandro Callejas Linares, Ina Susana Lopez Falfan, Jesus Mendez Garc?a, Ana Isabel Suarez Guerrero, Ma. Guadalupe Suarez Guerrero. 1998. National natural capital accounting with the ecological footprint concept. Ecological Economics 29 (1999) 375–390
     Global Footprint Network
     Japan's Nuclear Problem

Assigned: Position Paper #2

13-Mar   NO CLASS (Class replaced with Poverty Simulation on 14-Mar)

Economics: Markets and Solutions
  •  Hawken and Lovins
     Hawken, Paul, A. Lovins, H. Lovins.  1999.  Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution.  Little Brown and Co.  Boston, MA
      chapter 1
      chapter 7
      chapter 12
      chapter 13

20-Mar   Economics: Markets and Solutions
  •  Paul Krugman: "Running out of a Planet to Exploit"
  •  Amory Lovins profitable solutions
  •  Naomi Klein "Throwing out the free market Playbook"
  •  Levitt and Dunbar: Super Freakonomics, Ch5 What Do Al Gore and Mt Pinatubo Have in Common?

Due: Position Paper #2
25-Mar   Spring Break
27-Mar   Spring Break
1-Apr   Economics: Climate and Market Solutions
  •  Grood and Thoumi
       About Carbon Taxes. 2008.
  •  Hassett et al
       Hassett, K, A Mathur, G Metcalf. 2007. The Incidence Of A U.S. Carbon Tax: A Lifetime And Regional Analysis. National Bureau of Economic Research.
  •  Reddy and Assenza
       Reddy B, G Assenza. 2009. The Great Climate Debate. Journal of Energy Policy
  •  Frank
       Frank, C. 2009. The Bankruptcy of Capitalist Solutions to the Climate Crisis. Capitalism, Nature, Socialism. v20:2
  •  Pelley
       Pelley J. 2008. Cap or Tax? Environmental News, April 2008
In class: The Story of Cap and Trade

Review: Consumption Journals



Social Issues: Collapse
  •  Jasonoff
     Sheila Jasonoff.2010. A new Climate for Society. Theory, Culture & Society March/May 2010 vol. 27 no. 2-3 233-253
  •  Rees
       William Rees. 2010. The Human Nature of Unsustainability. in The Post Carbon Reader.Heinberg and Lerch eds.Watershed Media: Healdsburg CA.
In class: Bjorn Lomborg

Assigned:  Final Paper

10-Apr   Social Systems and Climate: Ethics
  •  Andersen
      How Engineering the Human Body Could Combat Climate Change. The Atlantic 13 March 2012.
  •  Somerville
     The Ethics of Climate Change. Opinion. Environment 360
  •  Broome
       The Ethics of Climate Change.Scientific American (June 2008), 298, 96-102 doi:10.1038/scientificamerican0608-96


Social Systems and Climate: Food
  •  Pollan
      Michael Pollan. 2006. The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals. Penguin: New York.
  •  Gallagher
      Mari Gallagher. 2008. Chicago Food Deserts: examining the impact of food on public health in Chicago.
  •  Michael Pollan Policy Letter
  •  Kenner Interview

Assigned: Position Paper #3
Consumption Journals

17-Apr   Social Systems and Climate: Food
  •  Roberts
      The End of Food. 2009.
  •  Wren
      Nature 1901.
  •  Lobell
      Science 319, 607 (2008).

Social Issues: Equity and Environmental Justice
  •  Campbell
     Scott Campbell, 1996. Green Cities, Growing Cities, Just Cities? Journal of the American Planning Association. Summer, 1996
 •  Agyeman et al.
       Julian Agyeman, Robert D. Bullard, and Bob Evans. Exploring the nexus: Bringing together sustainability, environmental justice, and equity. Space and Polity 6(1): 77-90.
  •  Marcuse
      Peter Marcuse. 1998. Sustainability is not enough. Environment and Urbanization 10(2): 103-111.ester Brown, 2008.

Due: One paragraph description of Final Paper topic


NO CLASS (Class replaced with Allerton visit on 25-Apr)
Friday April 25 from 2pm - 5pm
Reading: Aldo Leopold. 1949. A Sand County Almanac. Ballantine Books: New York.

29-Apr   Sustainability and Planning: Land Use and Urban Design
  •  Ewing       
      Reid Ewing, Keith Bartholomew, Steve Winkelman,Jerry Walters, and Don Chen, Growing Cooler:The Evidence on Urban Development and ClimateChange. Washington: Urban Land Institute, 2008.  
  •  O'Toole       
      Randall O'Tool. The Myth of the Compact City: Why Compact Development is not the Way to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions. Policy Analysis. No. 653. 18 Nov 2009.   
  •  Ruth and Rong (optional)
     Matthias Ruth and Fang Rong. 2006. "Research Themes and Challenges" ch. 2 in Ruth, M. Smart Growth and Climate Change. pp.9-61. Edward Elgar.
  •  Freyfogle (optional)
      Freyfogle, Eric T. "Ch. 6: The Lure of Privatization." Land we share: private property and the common good. Island Press, 2003. 157-178. 

  •  LEED for Neighborhood Development 2009
  •  Green Communities Criteria 2008
•  Sustainable Cities Institute

 Sustainability Assessment
Due: Position Paper #3
1-May   Sustainability and Planning: Green Plans
  •  Owen
      David Owen. 2004. Green Manhattan: Why New York is the greenest city in the U.S. The New Yorker Magazine, 18 Oct 2004.
  •  Wheeler
      Stephen M. Wheeler. 2000. Planning for Metropolitan Sustainability. Journal of Planning Education and Research. 20:133-145.
  •   Johnson (part 1, part 2)
      Huey Johnson. Green Plans. University of Nebraska Press:Lincoln 2008
   •  APA Climate Panning Policy Guide
      American Planning Association. Policy Guide on Planning and Climate Change. 2008.
   •  Guide to Climate Action Planning
      D Eagan, T Calhoiun, J Scott, P Dayananda. National Wildlife Federation - Campus Ecology. 2008.
In class: Janette Sadik-Khan (Commissioner NYC DOT)


Student Presentations
Course Assessment wrap-up and review

Assignment Due: Sustainability Assessments

15-May   Final Papers Due
   May 15   5pm

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