Department of Urban and Regional Planning   
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign   

UP 503: Site and Physical Planning

Assignent 6f: Site Engineering Analysis - Street Layout and Traffic

Objective: In this assignment, you will work on understanding the design challenges related to planning for access and circulation on your site by laying out your site’s network of different street types to match the characteristics of the site's urban environment.

In a typical development there will be a variety of street types based on desired performance standards and the anticipated traffic impact of the surrounding uses. In addition, the layout of the street network can take many forms depending on how values and objectives are prioritized. The readings and lecture slides for this week provide a range of recommended design guidelines and templates for both street design and pattern. Using the objectives of your design paradigm as a starting point, create a map showing your site’s network of different street types (collector, subcollector, residential access…). Pay special attention to the approximate areas created by enclosed blocks and what this implies for the density of different areas on your site and the estimated traffic load generated by these areas. It is not necessary to identify individual parcels but you should confirm that the resulting blocks can accommodate the necessary number of parcels and square footage and that the adjacent roadways have the necessary capacity. If appropriate to your design paradigm, also include the location of any proposed walking trails, bike lanes, and transit stops or routes that supplement access on your site. In the accompanying memo, describe the design characteristics of the different street types found on your site (roadway and right-of-way widths, number of lanes…). Section drawings or pictures of similar streets can be used to illustrate your design concept.

A PDF document of your memo and map is to be uploaded to the course folder before class on Thursday, Dec 5. Please use the assignment name format 6f_[Last Name].pdf.

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