UP503 - Physical Planning
Course Schedule




  Lecture/Discussion: Course Introduction
Assignments: Assignment 1. Understanding Space Distance and Area
  Lab: Lab Intro
Reading:  Obama's Urban Agenda; Progess Report
Assignments: Assignment 2. Understanding Density: Density Catalog: Locator Map
     Due: A1. Understanding Space, Distance and Area
Tuesday Tutorial: Q & A for Assignment #2        Tue, 4-Sept (Lab - 5pm)
4-Sept   Lecture/Discussion: Introduction to Physical planning, real estate markets, land-use and reuse
Readings:  Kevin Lynch Analysis Examples
                     Berke et. al. Chapter 1.
                    Miles, et al. Chapter 13 and Chapter 3
6-Sept   Lab: Using Adobe Illustrator
Assignments: 3. Diagramming with Adobe Illustrator: Sample Graphic
     Due: A2. Understanding Density
Monday Tutorial: Q & A for Adobe Illustrator and Assignment #3       10-Sept (Lab - 6 ~ 7pm)
11-Sept   Lecture/Discussion: Suitability Analysis
Readings: Anderson Ch 2, 1, and 3: Landscape Architecture Notes

Lab: Graphic Representation, Making Planning Maps
Assignments: 4. Making Maps with GIS data and Illustrator; Download GIS data, Download Population Data
     Due: (3. Diagramming with Adobe Illustrator)
MANDATORY Monday Tutorial: Using ArcGIS w/ Adobe Illustrator Tutorial
  - Attendance required for the completion of Assignment 4      17-sep (Lab - 6pm)

18-Sept   Lecture/Discussion: Natural Systems (Land)
     Introduce - Assignment 5: Suitability Analysis & Site Selection Report; Fall '09 work sample
Readings: Lynch and Hack, Appendix A, Database of Soil Types Champaign County, Champaign County Soils Report, Soil Taxonomy Chapters 1, 5, and 6

Lab: ArcGIS, Illustrator & Soils, Download shapefiles, Download updated Soil Propertiess.xlsx
Assignments: 5a. Land/ Soil Suitability
     Due: A4. Making Maps with GIS
Monday Tutorial: Q & A for Assignment #5a     24-Sept (Lab - 6 ~ 7pm)

25-Sept   Lecture: Natural Systems (Water) (Thirst)
Readings: Anderson Ch.6, Delineating Watersheds, McGraw-Hill.
27-Sept   Lab: Water Analysis & Working with In-Design
Assignments: 5b. Water Suitability; Download water data; Land cover classification & definitions
     Due: (5a. Land/Soil Suitability)
Monday Tutorial: Q & A for Assignment #5b       1-Oct (Lab - 6 ~ 7pm)
2-Oct   Lecture: Green Infrastructure
Readings: Green Infrastructure; CW Green Infrastructure; ILEPA GI Report; ARIES; Habitat
Supplemental Reading: Valuation Tools: (CNT GreenValue Tool) (ARIES) (CITYgreen) CNT PAPER
                                           :CU Planning Portal
4-Oct   Lab: Work Session
Assignments: 5c. Green Infrastructure; Green Infrastructure data
     Due: (5b. Water Suitability)
Monday Tutorial: Q & A for Assignment #5c       8-Oct (Lab - 6 ~ 7pm)
9-Oct   Lecture: Social Systems and Social Capital: RB Social Systems Suitability
Readings: Socio Economic Context Example, Neighborhood as Design Paradigm,
11-Oct   Lab: Suitability Analysis Revisited
Assignments: Assignment 5: Suitability Analysis & Site Selection Report; Fall '09 work sample
     Due: (5c. Green Infrastructure)
Monday Tutorial: Q & A for Assignment #5 Report       15-Oct (Lab - 6pm)
16-Oct   Lecture: No class - Attend David Harvey talk on Nov. 8 at 7:30 in Foellinger Auditorium
Review - Socio Economic Context Example, Neighborhood as Design Paradigm
18-Oct   Lab: Working with Census Data; Census Data
Assignments: 6a. Socio Economic Context; CU Population Projection data; Neighborhood Prototypes table;
: Sunday Oct 21th by 11:59pm (5. Suitability Analysis & Site Selection Report)
Monday Tutorial: Q & A for Assignment #6a       22-Oct (Lab - 6 ~ 7pm)
23-Oct   Lecture: Feasibility Analysis
Introduce - Real Estate Pro Forma
Readings: Brookings Report; Paul Krugman;
25-Oct   Lab: Introducing the Pro Forma (Real Estate Pro Forma) (Single Building Pro Forma)
Assignments: 6b. Real Estate Pro Forma Analysis
     Due: (6a. Socio Economic Context)
Monday Tutorial: Q & A for Assignment #6b       29-Oct (Lab - 6 ~ 7pm)
30-Oct   Lecture: Site Engineering Analysis- Hydro Runoff
Readings: Reducing the Impacts of Urban RunoffBasin Best Management Practices (USEPA); LID Manua; Runoff Modeling
1-Nov   Lab: Runoff modeling
Save Spreadsheet Model to your computer (do not open online)
Assignments: 6c. Site Engineering Analysis - Hydro Runoff
     Due: (6b. Real Estate Pro Forma Analysis)
Monday Tutorial: Q & A for Assignment #6c       5-Nov (Lab - 6 ~ 7pm)
6-Nov   Lecture: Site Engineering Analysis - Green Water Management
Readings: EPA Constructed Wetlands, Site Engineering for Landscape Architects,Anderson Ch05
8-Nov   Lab: Detention and Green Infrastructure
Assignments: 6d. Engineering Analysis - storm and waste water (Sewer shapefiles) (work sample)
     Due: (6c. Site Engineering Analysis - Hydro Runoff)
Monday Tutorial: Q & A for Assignment #6d       12-Nov (Lab - 6 ~ 7pm)
13- Nov   Lecture: Urban Design Paradigms
Readings: Burnham Plan
15-Nov   Lab: New Urbanism & Smartcode (notes)
Assignments: 6e. Urban Design Paradigms
     Due: (6d. Site Engineering Analysis - storm and waste water)
Monday Tutorial: Q & A for Assignment #6e       26-Nov (Lab - 6 ~ 7pm)
20-Nov   Thanksgiving Break
22-Nov   Thanksgiving Break
27-Nov   Lecture: Site Engineering Analysis - Grading & Street Layouts; LEAM/Trans
Readings: Brooks, R.G.Chapter 10, Andersen, Chapters 8, 9, 10, and 11, Listokin and Walker pp. 40-64
29-Nov   Lab: Work Session
Introduce - Assignment 7: Site Engineering Analysis & Final Report (Final Report Guide) (student work sample) (additional work sample) (additional work sample)
Assignments: 7a. Site Grading, and Roads and Traffic    
 Due: (6e. Urban Design Paradigms)

Lecture: Land Use
Readings: Austin LU Example
3D Analysis (Optional): Self-Guided Google Sketchup Tutorial
(Google SketchUp Modules: \\Urban-server2\urban-courses\UP503\_Sketchup_Modules) (No tutorial)


Lab: Work Session for Assignment 7
Due: (7a. Site Grading, and Roads and Traffic)

11-Dec   Lab: Course Wrap-up & Work Session (Final Report Guide)
Due: (Draft 7. Site Engineering Analysis & Final Report)
Assignment #7 Due: Sunday Dec 16th by 11:59pm (student work sample)(Follow the rules sent via email)
(No Tutorial)