Core Faculty

Andrew Greenlee

Assistant Professor of Urban & Regional Planning
PhD, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2012

Professor Greenlee’s interests lie primarily in the areas of housing policy, community development, and social equity in planning. His research focuses on the translation of federal, state, and local policies into on-the-ground practices. His recent research examines the residential location choices of low-income households participating in the Federal Housing Choice Voucher Program. Other recent research has examined the nature of housing market changes around military bases, and the distribution of spending within tax increment financing districts in Chicago. This research tends to combine GIS data visualization and spatial analysis with qualitative interview data.

Courses Offered

Fall 2014

UP101: Intro to City Planning

NRES 512 / UP597: Readings in Urban Environmental Equity (With Professor Bethany Cutts, NRES)

Spring 2015

UP505: Urban and Regional Analysis and UP508: Survey Design and Analysis

Other Courses Not Offered AY14-15

UP473: Housing and Urban Policy Planning

UP494-AG: The Housing Crisis

UP494-AG: Planning Without Growth

Greenlee received his Ph.D. in Urban Planning and Policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2012. He also holds a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Iowa and a Bachelor’s degree in English and Sociology from Grinnell College. Andrew has worked for the Nathalie P. Voorhees Center at UIC, the City of Chicago, and the Chicago Rehab Network.

Contact Information
Room M210
Temple Hoyne Buell Hall
611 Taft Drive
Champaign, IL 61820
Phone: 217.333.9069
Fax: 217.244.1717

Capstones and Theses Advised


Carolina Chantrill (Thesis)

Annie Contractor (Thesis)

Natalie Prochaska (Thesis)

Juliana Wilhoit

Woolack Kim (Thesis)


Chris Francis and Matthew Yoder

Jessica Kursman

Aujean Lee (Thesis)

Ethan Tabakin

Tyler Zwagerman


Rachel Phillips: "Neighborhood Sustainability: A Case Study of Redevelopment in Bristol Place" Poster (PDF) / Capstone (PDF)

Abigail Belford: "Unity is a Weapon of the Poor: Nairobi Slum Dwellers Cooperatively Save for Housing Developments" Poster (PDF) / Capstone (PDF)

2011 Heidy Valenzuela (Co-advised with Stacy Harwood): "Evaluating The Chicago Housing Authory's 'Plan for Transformation': A Case Study of the Redevelopment of the Julia C. Lathrop Homes" Capstone (PDF)


Current Research Areas

Residential Mobility and Neighborhood Change

This research focuses on the residential mobility and neighborhood choices of low-income households participating in the Federal Housing Choice Voucher Program. This work incorporates multiple perspectives on mobility including tenants who have made moves, landlords renting to voucher households, and housing authority program administrators

Household and Community Impacts of Foreclosure

This research connects national and global patterns of access to capital back to community-level impacts of foreclosures on individual households and neighborhoods. At present, this work involves the development and evaluation of a local foreclosure remediation program in Champaign County, IL. This work also examines the household-level impacts of foreclosure mitigation resources on the residential relocation decisions of impacted households.

Planning Education and Pedagogy

Do schools teach what planners do? This research examines the relationship between what professional urban planning programs teach students and the demand for these skills from planning employers. This work also examines the motivations for entering the profession on the part of graduate-level planning students.

Shrinking Cities and Regions

This research examines local responses to population loss within several Central Illinois cities in order to develop a cross-sectional portrait of planning and governance under population change.

Urban Environmental Equity

When communities work to clean up environmental hazards, are some residents further destabilized by clean up efforts? This research uses the hazards of place model to examine the social impacts of environmental remediation efforts.

News: Illinois Professors and Student Study Community Resilience Around Polluted Waterways

Past course offering: UP597: Workshop in Urban Environmental Equity (with Professor Bethany Cutts, NRES)

Selected Publications

Greenlee, Andrew J. 2011. A different lens: administrative perspectives on portability in Illinois' Housing Choice Voucher Program. Housing Policy Debate.

Greenlee, Andrew, Janet Smith, Sharon Legenza, and Katherine E. Walz. 2011. Moving or Moving Up? Understanding Residential Mobility for Housing Choice Voucher Families in Illinois. Clearinghouse Review: Journal of Poverty Law and Policy. May/June 2011.

Greenlee, Andrew J. 2014. More than Meets the Market? Landlord Agency in the Illinois Housing Choice Voucher Program. Housing Policy Debate.

In Progress

Greenlee, Andrew J. "Who gets ahead in the Housing Choice Voucher Program?"

Greenlee, Andrew J. and Bev Wilson. "Out-migration and the Determinants of Nonmetropolitan Opportunity."

Greenlee, Andrew J. "Moving on?: The Geography of Risk and Post-Foreclosure Residential Displacement."

Andrew Greenlee