Emeritus Faculty

Leonard F. Heumann

Emeritus Professor of Urban and Regional Planning and Psychology
PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 1973

Dr. Heumann conducts research on housing policy as it affects minorities and the elderly. He has completed studies of how stable interracial neighborhoods evolve, how to develop better housing for low- income and functionally disabled elderly, and how to improve the analytical tools used by local planners to uncover and correct low-income housing problems.

The scope of his research ranges from domestic to comparative international analysis. He has studied advanced housing programs for the elderly in Great Britain, West Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Israel, and Australia for their applicability in the United States.

Contact Information
Room 111, Temple Buell Hall
611 Lorado Taft Drive
Champaign, IL 61820
Phone: 217.333.3890
Fax: 217.244.1717
E-mail: lheumann@illinois.edu

Current Research Areas

Housing and community development with special emphasis on the housing needs of minority, low income, elderly, and disabled persons.

Selected Publications

Leonard F. Heumann, Mary McCall, and Duncan Boldy (eds.), Empowering Frail Elderly People: Opportunities and Impediments in Housing, Health and Support Service Delivery, Greenwood Publishing, Westport CT, November 2000.

Leonard F. Heumann, "Assisted Living in Public Housing," in D. P. Varady, W. F. E. Preiser and F. P. Russell, eds., New Directions in Urban Public Housing, Center for Urban Policy Research Books, New Brunswick, NJ, 1998.

Leonard F. Heumann, "Aging in Conventional Housing: A Planners's Evaluation of the New Australian Home and Community Based Care Management Programs," Australian Planner, Part I: August, 1997, Part II: November 1997.

Leonard F. Heumann (ed.), Managing Care, Risk and Responsibility: The Challenge of the 21st Century as the Aging and Disabled Population Grows and Diversifies, The Proceedings, SYSTED 97, University of Illinois Press, 1997.

Kate Brown, Leonard Heumann, Karen Winter-Nelson, John Lukehart and Joe Bird, State of Illinois Analysis of Fair Housing Impediments, Illinois Housing Development Authority and Department of Housing and Urban Development, 96 pp. 1997.

Leonard F. Heumann