Core Faculty

Bumsoo Lee

Associate Professor of Urban and Regional Planning
PhD, University of Southern California, 2006

Bumsoo Lee is interested in changes in spatial development patterns and travel behavior in modern metropolitan areas. His research focuses on exploring how technological development is reshaping agglomeration economies and urban form, and how land use and transportation interact. These seemingly self-evident but elusive relationships are a clue to understanding many planning, transportation, and environmental issues associated with metropolitan growth. His recent research projects include studies on commuting and non-commuting travel trends in U.S. metropolitan areas, emerging metropolitan spatial structure and its relationship with economic growth, and the influences of neighborhood level urban form on health related behavior and obesity. He has been also involved in several research projects on extreme events, analyses of economic impacts and transportation mode choice change after terrorism events.

His teaching interests include urban and regional economics, planning methods, and urban transportation and land use policy. He is currently teaching Economics for Planners (UP 509), Urban Transportation and Land Use Policy (UP 460), and Planning Analysis (UP 316), and has also taught Analytical Planning Methods (UP 116) in the past.

He received his Ph.D. in Planning from the University of Southern California (USC) in December, 2006. Upon the completion of his doctoral study, he worked as a postdoctoral scholar at the Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events (CREATE) at USC. He also holds a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from Seoul National University, Korea and Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning from HanYang University, Korea. Before his doctoral study at USC, he worked as a researcher at Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS) for three years.

Contact Information
Room M206
Temple Buell Hall
Phone: 217-333-3601

Current Research Areas

  • Development of urban spatial structure measures and underlying forces influencing spatial changes
  • The relationships between spatial structure and various urban indicators such as productivity, travel behavior, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
  • The influences of urban form on health related behavior and obesity
  • The economic impacts of extreme events

Selected Publications

Lee, Bumsoo, Peter Gordon, James E. Moore, II, and Harry W. Richardson. 2011. “Commuting by transit and neighborhood attributes,” Journal of Transport and Land Use 4 (Forthcoming).

Lee, Bumsoo, Peter Gordon, James E. Moore, II, Jiyoung Park, and Harry W. Richardson. 2011. “Estimating the State-by-State Economic Impacts of a Foot-and-Mouth (FMD) Attack,” International Regional Science Review 34 (Forthcoming).

Prager, Fynnwin, Garrett Beeler Asay, Detlof von Winterfeldt, and Bumsoo Lee. 2011. “Exploring reductions in London Underground passenger journeys following the July 2005 bombings,” Risk Analysis 31 (Forthcoming).

Lee, Bumsoo and Peter Gordon. 2011. “Urban structure: Its role in urban growth, net new business formation and industrial churn,” Région et Dévelopment 33: 20 pages.

Dixon, Peter, Bumsoo Lee, Todd Muehlenbeck, Maureen T. Rimmer, Adam Rose, and George Verikios. 2010. “Effects on the U.S. of an H1N1 epidemic: Analysis with a quarterly CGE model,” Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management 7(1), Article 75: 17 pages.

Gordon, Peter, Bumsoo Lee, James E. Moore II, Qisheng Pan, Jiyoung Park, and Harry W. Richardson. 2009. “Estimating the economic impacts of WMD attacks,” in Maurer, Stephen M. and Christine Hartmann-Siantar (eds.) WMD Terrorism: Science and Policy Choices. Cambridge: MIT Press.

Lee, Bumsoo, Peter Gordon, James E. Moore, II, and Harry W. Richardson. 2009. “Commuting Trends in U.S. Cities in the 1990s,” Journal of Planning Education and Research 29(1): 78-89.

Rose, Adam Z. Gbadebo Oladosu, Bumsoo Lee, and Garrett B. Asay. 2009. “The economic impacts of the September 11 terrorist attacks: A computable general equilibrium analysis,” Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy 15(2), Article 4: 28 pages.

Lee, Bumsoo and Peter Gordon. 2008. “The U.S. context for highway congestion pricing,” in Richardson, Harry W. and C.-H. Christine Bae (eds.) Road Congestion Pricing in Europe: Implications for the United States. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Lee, Bumsoo, Peter Gordon, James E. Moore, II, and Harry W. Richardson. 2008. “Simulating the economic impacts of a hypothetical bio-terrorist attack: A sports stadium case,” Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management 5(1), Article 39: 19 pages.

Lee, Bumsoo. 2007. “Edge or edgeless cities? Urban spatial structure in U.S. metropolitan areas, 1980 to 2000,” Journal of Regional Science 47(3): 479-515.

Richardson, Harry W., Larry S. Bourne, Peter Gordon, Christopher J. Henrie, David Plane, Jim Simmons, and Bumsoo Lee. 2006. “North America: A region of core peripheral extremes,” in Geyer, H. S. (ed.) Global Regionalization: Core-Peripheral Trends. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Bumsoo Lee