Department of Urban and Regional Planning   
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign   

Promoting the Adoption and Enforcement of Seismic Building Codes:
A Guidebook for State Earthquake and Mitigation Managers

January 1998


Appendix A: History and Principles of Seismic Design

Appendix B: Examples of Various States' Building Code Practices

Appendix C: Examples of Building Code Administration by Local Governments

Appendix D: Model Code Organizations: Services and Resources Offered

Appendix E: Organizations Involved in Seismic Safety: Contact Information

Appendix F: Recommended Readings and Resources

Appendix G: Sample Workshop Presentations
   Appendix G: Handouts
   Appendix G: Overheads

Appendix H: Sample Press Releases

Appendix I: Guides
   Appendix I: Sample Brochures

Appendix J: Glossary and Acronyms


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