Convocation Ceremony 2008

Sunday, 11 May 2008
Levis Center--919 West Illinois Street, Urbana, Illinois

8:00 am: Breakfast - Bachelors
9:00 am: Breakfast - Masters, PhD
Second Floor

9:00 am: Convocation Ceremony - Bachelors
10:00 am: Convocation Ceremony - Masters, PhD
Third Floor

Convocation Remarks by Anthony C. Wood

Anthony C. Wood is the founder and chairman of the New York Preservation Archive Project, executive director of the Ittleson Foundation, and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Historic Preservation at Columbia University. His recently published book, Preserving New York: Winning the Right to Protect A City’s Landmarks, tells the story of efforts in New York City to create a legal mechanism to protect the city’s most important landmarks.

Mr. Wood received a Masters in Urban Planning from UIUC in 1978. He has titled his convocation remarks: "Passion, Place and People: A Planner Looks at Thirty (with apologies to Jimmy Buffett)."

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 Anthony C. Wood