Planners Network Chapter at UIUC (PN)

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Community Gardening in Champaign

The Randolph Street Community Garden is an organic and vital part of the Champaign community because it is a place where community members can inexpensively and directly involve themselves in their food choices, strengthen the bonds of community through informal interactions with neighbors, and pass the benefits of gardening onto younger generations of community members. Planners Network plans to help make the RSCG sustainable by working in the garden throughout the summer, but also through a long-term vision of fundraising, site planning, and community outreach.

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Affordable Housing Redevelopment

The development of affordable housing in Champaign County is a process that should necessarily involve clear communication from the Champaign County Housing Authority and the participation of residents. Planners Network has begun to and will continue to attend Housing Authority meetings, survey residents needs, keep channels of communication open between community members, and strive to ensure the redevelopment process is fair, predictable, and inclusive.

Check the wiki for more information about affordable housing