Planners Network Chapter at UIUC (PN)

The Planners Network Chapter at UIUC is an organization of students, faculty, professionals and other activist planners involved in community development for social justice.

Collectively we ascribe to the international organization of the Planners Network statement principals set forth below:

"We believe that planning should be a tool for allocating resources and developing the environment to eliminate the great inequalities of wealth and power in our society, rather than to maintain and justify the status quo. We are committed to opposing racial, economic, and environmental injustice and discrimination by gender and sexual orientation. We believe that planning should be used to assure adequate food, clothing, housing, medical care, jobs, safe working conditions, and a healthful environment. We advocate public responsibility for meeting these needs, because the private market has proven incapable of doing so.

We seek to be an effective political and social force, working with other progressive organizations to inform public opinion and public policy and to provide assistance to those seeking to understand, control, and change the forces which affect their lives."

Specifically, we determined this preliminary mission statement for the purposes of educational and professional development for all members of this Chapter:

We pledge to make planning education and practice more inclusive at UIUC by including materials/values/methods/issues that are often absent and marginalized in traditional planning, whereas an inclusive planning curricula is

  • Multicultural and necessarily plural, whereas planners and students of planning are of all nationalities, class, race, gender, ethnicities and age and not represented by a singular ideology or dominant culture.
  • Multidisciplinary and multi-vocational, whereas planning occurs inside and outside of all levels of public and private sectors (such as community organizations and not-for-profits), and planners are of essence anyone who actively and purposefully affects for change, regardless of “field” or area of work/study, compensation level and professional title (such as activists and organizers).
  • Multi-knowledge and multi-modeled, whereas there are just as many ways of knowing and experiencing as there are as many ways of learning and teaching.
  • Multi-issued and fundamentally social, whereas planning affects multiple aspects of everyday experience, in addition to the physical, and concerns any number of issues involving social justice.

2011 PN Officers

President Kristina Tranel,
Natalie Prochaska,
Juliana Wilhoit,
Treasurer Daniel Obler,
Undergrad Rep Francie Sallinger,