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Illinois Chapter Mentoring Program
The American Planning Association - Illinois Chapter (APA-IL) invites all Illinois planning students to participate in the APA-IL Mentoring Program. The program was created as a way for students to get in touch with practicing planners as they pursue academic studies, a planning degree and a fulfilling career.

Interaction with a mentor may be an occasional meeting for coffee, a visit to their place of employment or correspondence via phone and email. The level of commitment is determined up front by the student and mentor. The goal, however, is to offer students access to the experience and insight of planners who have "been there before."

Sign up
To sign up go to: Since participation in the Mentoring Program is restricted to APA-IL members, make sure to include your American Planning Association ID# so that APA-IL can verify your membership. Once you are approved for access, you may go to the Yahoo! website to review mentor profiles. When you have identified potential mentors, send your request to Michael Mays, Mentoring Program Coordinator, who will determine mentor availability. Once availability has been confirmed, students will be provided mentor contact information for follow up.

Students participating in the APA-IL Mentoring Program are encouraged to use the Yahoo! Group website as a way to post messages regarding the mentoring program. Mentors also use this website as a way to connect with students involved in the mentoring program.

The American Planning Association is committed to the development of the next generation of planners and hopes that students will discover both fulfillment and opportunity from this Illinois Chapter sponsored program.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the Program Coordinators, Michael Mays or Bob Zimmerer, at